profesional contemporary dance training in the Lake Geneva region

DATAFLUX investigates the possibilities of using live software codes to render synesthetic audio and visual experiences. The installation uses a software counting mechanism to step between scenes and sequences. Projections are beamed onto a motorised mirror allowing for wider displacement which is also triggered via the same system. Size and locations for the reshaping white squares are changed on every beat, allowing for the movement streams that you can see, this relocation creates an internal message that allows the software to fluidly render these changes. It is this concept of a self automated system that I aim to represent with this work. I also wanted to visually represent the mechanics of the software program.

As of yet this installation will last one minute twenty before the viewer will be presented with a loop point, however with further development there are perpetual transformations that could be possible. The sound is made up of four pre-rendered two channel linear streams that are re-triggered every 30 seconds, developed in a way to seem to be a more complex live point to point triggering system. Heavy bass information was present and a strobe effect is also triggered once every 60 seconds. I wanted to include these elements to heighten the sensory effects the work has on the participant. This installation aims to represent the notion of pushing capacities in order to assist us in envisaging further developments. The layout of the cubes is based on the existence of a large pillar located in the centre of the room.

I am planning for Engimatica in February to more dynamically represent a digitally choreographed environment. To my indiscretion and perhaps paradoxically, Enigmatica will be made up of a completely pre-rendered looping linear stream or 'film', there will be no live software elements.


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Comment by STAN - GENDA on March 25, 2010 at 18:10
wow This is some very good installation!Big up Gilles !!!


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